Software Engineer at ByteDance Inc

I am a backend developer at Laiye Inc, Now my main work is back-end development of AI platform (NLP Platform - WuLai and RPA + AI Platform - UiBot Mage), The backends of these platforms are composed of a large number of microservices, These microservices mainly use Google gRPC to communicate with each other, I created and maintained multiple microservices of the these systems, I mainly use the Go Programming language, I am also familiar with other languages such as Python / C, etc. This website is my personal blog, I mainly write articles on Computer Science / Software Engineering / Mathematics, This website was not created for a long time, So there are not many articles currently, Hope you can keep following me, If you have any questions or suggestions, You can contact me by email, Thank You.


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Email: admin@sunyunqiang.com


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